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Tracy Ginsburg DMDTrust Tracy Ginsburg DMD For Periodontal Advice And Computer-Aided Oral Surgery Appointments

All too often, those of us in need of dental care put the issue off until it’s too late and then are forced to jump at the first dentist or periodontist who’ll put our mind — and that shooting pain in our mouth — at ease. New Jersey’s Tracy Ginsburg DMD, who is based in Warren Township, in Somerset County, is here to tell you that there’s no longer a need to fear the dentist’s seat. Not only has dental technology advanced by leaps and bounds — of which she is an expert on — but the procedures today are fast, efficient and effective at preventing the type of repair work that lands too many people at the dentist during an emergency. All that being said, we’re sure you’d like to know more about Tracy Ginsburg DMD and the work she can do for you.

Ginsburg’s wealth of knowledge as it pertains to dentistry dates back to her education at Trenton State College, Temple University, the Medical College of Virginia and a fellowship with the American Cancer Society. Along the way, she was past president of the Temple University Periodontal Honor Society and voted top dentist in periodontics by NJ Monthly four years in a row – from 2010 through 2013. Armed with the vast array of knowledge she picked up during years of schooling, Tracy Ginsburg DMD also has plenty of teaching experience under her belt. She was associate clinical instructor at Newark Beth Israel from 1999 through 2009 and a certified basic life service (BLS) instructor with Atlantic Health Systems from 2000 through 2005 among other roles.

With Associated Periodontists in Warren, Tracy Ginsburg DMD has treated gum disease as well as periodontal disease and helped handle procedures for bone grafting, tissue grafting, implants, extraction and gum recession. According to Ginsburg, these procedures and more are being made easier through computer-guided surgery. With technology on her side, she says that surgery simulations can be done as practice for operating on any patient. What’s more, this practice process also allows for patient-specific surgical guides to be created so that the entire process is mapped out in the patient’s mouth before the process begins. Naturally, someone who is so in-tune with oral hygiene is also an advocate of regular exercise and health eating. “I am very into sustainable, organic foods. We don’t eat anything processed in my house. Everything is homemade,” she recently said. With all this in mind, those living in or near Warren would do well to seek out Tracy Ginsburg DMD for dental advice.